Cactusfestival 2016

Kookeet 2016

Bruges Beerfestival 2016

For the 8th time already, there is a whole team of volunteers getting ready and prepping in order to offer you a magnificent beer festival.

Bruges will be the Mecca for everything worthwhile in the Belgian beer world, and as usual still with democratic prices, there are no increases of prices compared to last year. The only increase the visitor will be aware of, is the increase in comfort.

Take a minute (or longer) to browse through this website, have a look at every page and you will notice that it is very user friendly and that every page offers you appetizing news.

Triennale Brugge 2015

art and architecture
in the historical city
of Bruges from May 20th
to October 18th.

Every year, five million tourists visit Bruges. What if they all decided to stay? What if a small, preserved, historic city should suddenly become a megapolis? This is the premise for the Bruges Contemporary Art and Architecture Triennial 2015.

This scenario opens up a plethora of possibilities and challenges. Would a small city be capable of coping with the dynamics of a metropolis? And conversely: could a city on a human scale contribute to a new, better form of urbanism?

Eighteen international artists went to work on this idea. They created new works that can be viewed on an art trail through the centre of Bruges. The artists pose questions and reflect on the future and potential of the city, of urbanisation, citizenship, lifestyle, community, economics, energy, space, sound and the values that guide us.

Three indoor exhibitions illustrate the concept of ‘city’ – in visions, dreams and real-life images - as a living, growing and evolving organism.

Explore the streets and canals of the city, unleash your imagination and discover a side of Bruges that you never knew existed.

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